The World Artist Who Changed His Name To Be Famous


The name was a prayer, so it is now widely understood by most people. Through the name, usually tucked hope. No wonder if sometimes there are people who change the name because it does not match the name that has been given to him by his parents, as well as to appear new hope in the owner’s name.

Not only ordinary people, the world artist was also changed his name, whether it’s real name or stage name in entertainment.

The eight world artists who deliberately changed their name before entering the entertainment stage. Most artists that abbreviate the name of the last name, can also use their nickname when they were little. Who are these artists?

1. Nicki Minaj

JB’s duet partner in the song “Beauty and a Beat”, has the real name of Onika Tanaya Maraj. This American girl shortened the name to Nicki Minaj. Minaj was born in Saint James, and moved to New York.

Early in his career, Nicki started out with three albums in 2007 and 2008, he was finally contracted by the label “Young Money Entertainment” in August 2009 and released his debut album “Pink Friday” in November 2010. Minaj became the first female solo artist to successfully put seven singles on the US charts, Billboard Hot 100 in a row.

2. Elton John

The real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight. However, he again became Elton John as a form of honor to saxophonist Elton Dean and singer Long John Baldry.

He is famous as the singer of the song Candle In The Wind is popular in the mid 70s. The song was sung at the funeral ceremony of Princess Diana at Westminster Abbey on 6 September 1997.

3. Calvin Harris

This Scottish DJ actually has the real name of Adam Richard Wiles and he decided to name it Calvin Harris.

“My first single was more than a soul song, and I think Calvin Harris’s name sounds more ambiguous, and I do not think anyone would know I’m black or white, and now I’m still stuck with that name,” Harris said some time ago.

4. Katy Perry

The “Roar” singer was born with the name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. He decided to change the names of people who are not confused by the artist’s role name Kate Hudson.

He was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California by his Christian pastor. Because small, Perry is only allowed to listen to gospel music and often sing in ordinary church.

5. Miley Cyrus

By law, Cyrus changed the name of Destiney Hope to Miley in 2008. To note, as a child, he is often called Smiley.

He became famous after playing Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel’s comedy. Cyrus had been the voice of Penny’s character in the animated film, Bolt. Cyrus nominated Best Original Song in the Golden Globe Award through the song “I Thought I Lost You”.

6. Bruno Mars

This is what I like “It tells the story that he likes Bruno since he was two years old.First, the real name of Peter Gene Hernandez.Then, for the last name Mars came unintentionally.

She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 8, 1985. After finishing her school, herself moved to Los Angeles to realize her American Dream. And Dewi Fortuna sided right, when in 2006 and he met with Aaron Bay Schuck, who later became his manager and offered a contract under the nauangan Atlantic Records. Bruno Mars is on the right path to success!

7. Alicia Keys

To show his love for music, playing the piano, Alicia Augello Cook prefers to use Alicia Keys as her stage name.

Alicia is an American R & B singer and soul. He is also known as a songwriter, pianist, record producer, actress, philanthropist, and author. Alicia Keys has won numerous awards, 9 Grammy Awards, 11 Billboard Music Awards, and 3 American Music Awards.

8. John Legend

Just like Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars, John Legend’s name also comes from his childhood call. The real name is John Roger Stephens.

“John Legend is a call from my friends, and I use that name for the stage, it’s a lot of people I understand who I am, more than my real name,” he said.

He has won six Grammy Awards and a duet Before releasing his debut album, Legend’s work path gained momentum through collaboration with several artists.


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